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Negative Capability

It would be good to have at least one blog entry for the month of February!

Parenthood is a mix of great joy, love, fear, insecurity, frustration, surprise, warm fuzzies, and the confusion that results from all the above all at once.  Keats once called this “negative capability.”  The depth of human experience is always both sweet and bitter in order to be true.

One thing everyone has been telling us is how quickly your baby will grow.  Milo is now 12 weeks old and approximately 11 pounds.  When you compare his photos of when he was first born to how he looks now, he’s almost doubled his size.  He’s very alert and interactive, smiling and cooing a lot, and endlessly curious about the world.  Hubby and I, of course, think our child is a genius.

I’ve been going to regular Mom’s groups in the area to learn more about raising a baby.  It’s good to get feedback and hear about the trials and travails of other moms.  I do have to say that I feel lucky. I keep hearing these horror stories of babies who never sleep, who cry forever, who insist on never being put down.  Milo is a relatively easy baby.  He’s not colicky, he’s not an inconsolable screamer, and he sleeps fairly well at night.  Plus, he’s a beautiful baby.

A few recent photos:

Milo at 8 weeks.

10 weeks. Milo's Jean-Luc Picard imitation.

For more photos, here is a link to my facebook album for Milo.

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