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Separation Anxiety

Milo turned six months old today.  He is sitting up by himself and we’ve started experimenting with solid foods.  He is, however, still very attached to the boob and they say the longer we can breastfeed, the better it will be for Milo’s immune system, so that’s a good thing.  But breastfed babies also tend to go through separation anxiety around this age, particularly from Mommy, and Milo seems to be right on cue.

Hubby is a very involved Daddy and has been from Day One.  I hear from other moms that their husbands don’t know what to do with the baby and hold their babies like he or she were a sack of flour.  Hubby is not one of those daddies.  If he could, he would grow boobs and feed Milo himself.  Really.  Still, there are times when Milo will be inconsolable unless he is held by Mommy.

From my end, it’s a little odd to be so needed by another human being but, for now, it’s not a bad feeling.  I do feel bad when we leave him with my mother and he screams for two or three hours.  Amah (Taiwanese for grandmother) is usually so delighted with Milo she volunteers to babysit whenever she can.  But she says no more babysitting until Milo is past this phase.   Any tips on how to get Milo less attached to me?

The occasional babysitting aside, I admit that I get warm fuzzies that my baby is bonded with me.  It won’t always be this way, I know, so I’d better enjoy it while it lasts.

Consoling Mama's Boy on Mother's Day

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