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Because passport fees went up on July 13th, on July 12th, we took Milo to the local post office to apply for his passport.  We intend to expose Milo to as much of the world as possible, so he needs his passport.  Baby passports are good for five years.

Milo is coming up on 8 months.  He has already traveled to the West Coast twice and will do so again next week.  He has been on 9 plane flights.  And, before the year is out, we hope to use his passport.  At the very least, to visit Canada!

To put things in perspective, Milo’s mommy was on her first plane flight at age 7, which is also when she got her first passport.  That flight was from New York to Iceland and eventually to Brussels, Belgium, where my family lived for one year.

Milo’s daddy was on his first plane flight at the age of 19, which is also when he got his passport.  He flew from Portland, Oregon, to Costa Rica, for a month-long adventure.

We figure Milo will be a precocious kid, so we’re starting early.  Travel is good for the soul.  Hopefully, he’ll thank us for making him get his passport so young.

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Old Mommy

Well, my age finally caught up with me.  This morning, I was rolling around on the floor with Milo and something tweaked in my back.  My whole back cinched up and I couldn’t stand up or walk.  I had to crawl–literally– out of the room and into bed, flat on my back.  Milo is crawling better than his Mommy can right now.

Thankfully, Hubby and I are both working from home these days, so Hubby was on Milo duty most of the day.  He would just bring Milo in for nursings, which old Mommy would accommodate by rolling gingerly onto her side and pulling up her shirt.  Or Milo would accommodate Mommy by finding a new position to nurse, bellying up to the bar, if you will.  And then he would hang out with Mommy in bed, crawling over my supine body as if I were some obstacle course.  He seemed happy enough, even if Mommy couldn’t move.

Hubby didn’t get much work done today, but I did.  He brought me food and was at my beckon call.  I couldn’t move much, but I was pampered.  I think Hubby was kind of sick of it by the end of the day and he sure as hell hopes I feel better tomorrow.  Taking care of Milo full time isn’t any easy job, is it?

As pampered as I was, it was hard not being able to hold Milo or pick him up.  When he was crying, I just wanted to run out and comfort him, but I couldn’t.  And sometimes, only Mommy can comfort him.  It’s hard not to feel helpless when you can’t pick up your child.

As soon as I’m better, I’m getting back to my yoga routine.  Milo is only going to get heavier, so I’d better be ready.

Milo waves his magic wand over his sick Mommy.

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