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Baking Day

This morning, there was a complication with our husband-installed geothermal heating system.  These past few nights, it’s been bitterly cold (below 10 F) and our well, which feeds moderate temperature water into the heating system, was having some difficulty keeping up.  Blake decided to scale back on the heat in order to let the well catch up a bit.  But today it was all of 12 F outside and we couldn’t very well do without heat.  So Blake decided to supplement our heat by turning the oven on.

Since our heating system was sketchy, I had canceled the playdate we were scheduled to host today.  But with the “supplemental” heat, I couldn’t very well leave the oven on and not put something inside it.  So I decided to make it a baking day.  In between chasing Milo (who is walking!) and changing his diapers, this was my day:

10:30 am  Turn on oven at 350 degrees

Milo helping Mommy's baking chaos

11:00 am Roasted pumpkin (1 hour)

12:30 pm  Roasted sweet potatoes (1.5 hours).  Served lunch.  Peeled & cored apples while Milo sat at table and took a bite out of each apple piece.

2:30 pm Roasted apples for applesauce (1 hour).  Peeled & pureed roasted pumpkin into mash for pumpkin bread.

3:45 pm Roasted Pumpkin seeds (1 hour).  Pureed applesauce to sweeten pumpkin bread.  Prepped mac & cheese

5:00 pm Baked Mac & Cheese (1 hour).  Prepped pumpkin bread batter.

6:00 pm Baked pumpkin bread w/applesauce.  Served dinner of Mac & Cheese and salad.

7:00 pm Put Milo to bed.

7:30 pm Pumpkin bread finished.  Turned off oven.

The kitchen stayed nice and warm all day and now we have tons of food.  Some time towards the end of the day, Blake got a call from the well driller with a hopeful solution to our well problems.  So the day, which started off with much weeping and gnashing of teeth, turned out to be quite warm and productive.


Fruits of my labors (clockwise, from lower left): roasted sweet potatoes, spiced pumpkin seeds, baked mac & cheese, pumpkin applesauce bread

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Milo turned 1

on November 30th!


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