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I had to run a quick errand at Rite Aid this afternoon and I took Milo.  On my shopping list: shampoo and body wash for Blake. (Yes, Blake likes body wash.  He also likes that little poufy thing that comes with body wash.  That’s another story.)  Since Milo is walking and loves exploring, I thought it would be fine for him to run around the drug store.  I gave him his own shopping basket to carry around.  As long as I kept an eye on him, he would be fine, I thought.

I was wrong.

Milo did love running around the store.  Everything was so bright and colorful and shiny.  He selecting the following for his shopping basket:

4 pairs of sunglasses

1 bottle Revlon blue nail polish

1 jar American Crew Molding Clay for hair

1 bottle American Crew Light Holding Gel

1 bottle American Crew Grooming Spray

1 bottle Cover Girl orange nail polish

5 boxes of Calgon gift sets in Ocean Breeze scent

1 jumbo bottle Paul Mitchell shampoo, Lavender Mint

2 jumbo bottles Rite Aid body lotion

2 jumbo bottles Vaseline body lotion

1 bottle Calgon body mist, Ocean Breeze

1 bottle Calgon, body mist, Morning Glory

1 set Calgon body mist, sample pack of five refreshing scents

Mommy got a good workout putting things back on the shelves, including re-installing a glass shelf that Milo had knocked over.  I wonder if I’m inadvertently training my child to be a consumer.  Our family budget is very tight, so I’m always trying to look for deals and save money, or even DIY for some basic toiletries.  (I wash my hair with baking soda.)  But beyond the economic reasons, I don’t really like the idea of teaching Milo to buy stuff and throw stuff away and then buy more stuff.  It’s irresponsible.  We  American consumers live such entitled, spoiled lives.

Can’t wait to take the kid to Costco.

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