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It seems like New Englanders are pretty jaded when it comes to bad weather.  Last winter, there were no fewer than seven major snow storms that shut down schools and businesses.  But this time, it’s not the middle of winter.  It’s August, and the storm we’re waiting for is a hurricane.

Hurricane Irene is expected to pummel her way up the eastern seaboard over the weekend and reach New England by Sunday.  New Hampshire is expected to get a good dose of her Sunday afternoon and evening.  They tell us to expect a lot of strong winds and be prepared to lose power, perhaps for several days.

So we’re stocking up: water, batteries, a new flashlight, food, important documents.  We also got a delivery of propane today that should last us through the winter.  We expect the power to go out.  We don’t have a generator, though the neighborhood hums of generators during big snowstorms.  Instead, Blake hooks up an inverter to one of the car batteries and we’re able to run lights and computers.  This is how we got by for a year when we lived in a cabin in the Oregon woods.  That was, of course, pre-baby.  Baby complicates a few things.  It will the hard to go without running water for several days, for instance.  That would really suck.  But Blake seems to take great pleasure at preparing for long power outages.  He’s a pretty handy person to have around during a natural disaster.

Our (partial) shopping list:

4  2.5-gallon containers of water
2 4-packs size D batteries
1  Maglite LED flashlight
50 pounds ice
20′ x 25′ plastic sheeting
2 gallons milk
2 pounds salami
1 pound bologna
2 loaves sourdough bread
1 5-pound bag brown rice
1 jumbo bag tortillas
1 5-pack dried udon noodles (aka, ramen)
2 cans sardines
10 Luna bars
2 cans coconut milk
1 bag muesli
1 box steel cut oats
1 package burrito-sized flour tortillas
1 lb sliced mozzarella cheese
1 lb. brick monterey jack cheese
2 lbs. butter (for pie baking!)
1 lbs. bacon
1 package UHT milk
1 pack 7th Generation disposable diapers (b/c we won’t be cloth diapering during the storm)

I didn’t see too many people panicking, but the stores are running out of supplies.  New Englanders are a tough breed.  Since I still think of myself as a transplanted Californian, I’m probably over-preparing for disaster.  (California disasters tend to be earthquakes and, well, you can’t really predict those.)  Still, we like to think of ourselves as resourceful, and we’re hopeful we’ll be able to ride Irene relatively unscathed.

Just to be sure, I confirmed with our homeowners’ insurance that we were covered in case of hurricane.  There is a big tree that’s awfully close to the house.

Some of our hurricane purchases. Gotta love ramen.


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Boy Shorts

It’s been a hot summer so far and I’ve been trying to get Milo in the water as much as possible.  Here in New Hampshire, public pools are not very common, but public ponds are.  It’s been lovely bringing Milo to our town pond.  The water is warm and clean and doesn’t smell like chemicals.  There are people fishing and boating just beyond the swimming area.  It’s one of the joys of summer in New England.

Milo does enjoy the water, so we’ve been going to the pond two or three times a week.  That’s a lot of swimming, so I decided it was time to invest in a new bathing suit.  Not my favorite attire.  I can’t remember that last time I felt good in a bathing suit, not even when my body was young and supple in my twenties.  I’ve always hated bathing suits.  They highlight every deficiency I felt about my body: my breasts weren’t big enough to fill a bikini, or my thighs were too flabby, or my belly too protruded.  Ack.  Bathing suits just did not flatter me.  Nor do they flatter the vast majority of normal, non-airbrushed, American women past the age of, oh, 25 or so.

One thing I have never understood was the bikini bottom.  Not only is it unflattering for the wedgie factor, but it also forces women into the painful practice of waxing the pubic area.  Ouch.  Not fun.  For our first anniversary, dear hubby surprised me with a weekend trip to Hawaii.  He told me to pack my bathing suit the night before, but of course I didn’t have time to shave or wax down there.  When we got out on the beach, hubby got quite the shock, let me tell you.  I think the sight is seared into his psyche.

So in my search for a new bathing suit, I wanted full coverage down there.  I went for the boy short.  These were quite the rage circa 1998 or so.  They’re cute and form fitting, but they’re short shorts instead of the bikini bottom, so there’s more support for the thighs and buttocks.  Much more flattering to the average woman.  When I was looking for a bathing suit in 2004 (to impress my new boyfriend who would later become my husband), I couldn’t find the boy short anywhere.  What a travesty.  But this time around, I did manage to find a pair.  Full coverage, sporty, maybe even a little sexy?

Mommy & Milo, dressed for a dip in the pond.

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