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One Day of Fame

I suppose I should blog about this before it becomes ancient history!  On Aug. 22, my blog was featured on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed.  It was a total surprise.  I confess that I didn’t even know what Freshly Pressed was.

I woke up to all these random comments filling my inbox.  At first, I thought my blog was being spammed.  Then I saw the note from the WordPress administrator that my blog post The Name Game had been selected for Freshly Pressed.  Within a 24 hour period, my blog got over 5000 views.  Wow.  On a day I post a new entry, I typically get maybe 60 or 70 views.

It’s a strange feeling to have so many complete strangers read my writing.  The 80+ comments I received were overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.  And even for those few comments that were lukewarm or even critical, I was still honored people cared enough to comment.  Part of me wishes I could have a conversation with everyone who commented.  I especially appreciated people sharing their stories.  Stories are always a gift.

I wish I could pinpoint exactly why my post was chosen for FP, but I really have no idea.  Blake thinks Milo’s photo helped.  It probably did.  Writing is such a lonely endeavor and I often feel like I’m sending my words out into a black hole.  For one day, it felt a little less lonely.



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I met a new friend today, Dave Seah.  He’s Taiwanese-American, lives in New Hampshire, and he’s a writer–like me.  Plus, he’s my age, so we can feel old and curmudgeonly together.  But Dave is far from curmudgeonly.  He’s much more positive and hopeful than I am, so it was good to hang with him.  We talked for almost 3 hours.   He gave me the following advice:

“Think of your writing as a gift to put out into the world.  And think of it as a good gift.  A really good gift.  Not like a fish aquarium.”

I was following him until he said “fish aquarium.”

Dave had a friend who had just started dating a new girlfriend soon after he broke up with an old girlfriend.  The new girlfriend wanted to get her new boyfriend a present and she wanted to get him a fish aquarium.  She told this to Dave.  She said her boyfriend liked fish and she thought he would like a fish aquarium.

Dave did not think this was a good idea.  Knowing his friend, Dave thought he would be pretty particular about keeping fish and would probably not go for something his new girlfriend could find at Petco.  Essentially, Dave told her, she would be giving him a new set of chores to keep the aquarium clean.

She didn’t listen to Dave.  She bought the aquarium.

They broke up not too long afterward.

Dave said I could blog about this.  So I did.  Because my writing (and his story) is a gift to the world.

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Nanowrimo 2010

 I’m a winner!  This was my third year participating in National Novel Writing Month.  Last year, I went into labor on November 30th with only 1400 words left to go, and I didn’t finish.  This year, no such excuse, although I did almost not sign on because I felt I was too busy being mommy to Milo.  But I couldn’t use that excuse either because I had a few friends who were also busy moms sign up.  So there I was, cranking away at my word count late into the night.  My “novel” is mostly word vomit, but it does feel good to come to the page daily, even if what I write is utter crap.  Hooray for word vomit!

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